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... hazy days...

you know?

... hazy days... you know?
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Welcome! This is a community dedicated to to the characters Cassie and Tony, from E4's show Skins. This is the place to post anything Cassie/Tony related - your thoughts about the couple, pictures, icons, fanfics, fanmixes and anything else you can think of.

;; Be respectful. This rule speaks for itself. If you're into UC (unconventional) shipping, you probably know that some people simply can't accept that other people ship pairings that aren't canon. I'll try my best to keep all the wanking away from the community, but I can use some help. Remember to play nice with everyone - shippers or not.

;; Feel free to introduce yourself! But please, let's avoid posts like "hi, I'm new and I like Cassie/Tony!" 'cause we know you do. At least we assume you do, since you're a member of the community ;)

;; Use the TAGS! And include a subject in the title of your post - it doesn't have to be anything witty, just make sure there's something there. The tags and subject make the post more easily accessible, which is always a plus.

;; When posting icons, please post three preview icons and lj-cut the rest of them. When posting images larger than 350 x 150, use a lj-cut.

;; DO NOT tYpE lYk DiS! It's annoying to read and it's dumb. Simple like that.

;; Stay on topic! This is given, but still worth remembering. The point here is to discuss Cassie/Tony and everything related to it - but letting us know that you named your puppy after Cassie isn't necessarily a topic to discuss, right?

;; PIMP the community! Okay, this isn't a rule but it's always nice to spread the love ♥

;; And most important of all: HAVE FUN! That's what we live for <3

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