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Title: Things are getting better.
Prompt: 049 Club (for fanfic100)
Word Count: 1,221
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Tony doesn’t like clubs anymore, but he trusts Cassie to get him through it.
Author's Notes: Contains spoilers for series 2, including rumours about forthcoming episodes.

Cassie felt uncomfortable as they entered the club. It was the first time they’d been out together since Sid and Michelle had got together and everything felt different now. Tony squeezed her hand tightly as they stood in the doorway of the main room, people pushing past them as they both just stood there feeling awkward. Tony didn’t really like clubs anymore, they were too crowded and he didn’t like the feeling of being unable to find his friends amongst all the other bodies. They’d decided after a lengthy discussion that they had to do this sometime, show the world they were both fine, better than fine really.

It was better this way, Tony and Michelle had been destructive even before the accident and after the coma Michelle had been totally unable to cope. Until finally she’d turned to someone she knew she could always rely on, someone that couldn’t cope with the new Tony either- Sid. Sid and Cassie couldn’t even have been counted as boyfriend and girlfriend really, they were never meant to be. They were like star-crossed lovers but without any of the romance and significantly more alcohol and self harm. She’d waited so long for him, only to get him at the very last moment. One perfect night and then nothing. It was better this way. Tony had always been complicated and so had Cassie. She didn’t mind having to help him untie his shoes, or unbutton his flies, she didn’t mind going to the hospital with him and she didn’t mind the quiet nights in because his dad was too paranoid to let him out of the house without him or his sister anymore. Tony didn’t think Cassie was crazy anymore. He didn’t really remember her when she first came to see him, the day after she’d returned from Elgin. He thought she was a little odd, but he’d also thought she was beautiful and sweet and kind. Not even Michelle had bothered to come and see him yet and as great as Maxxie had been it was nice to have a little female company.

“We don’t have to do this, Tone,” she said, as someone pushed past her, tearing her hand from Tony’s. She turned to see the look of worry on Tony’s face and reached out for him again.

“I’m okay,” he said, nodding as if he were trying to convince himself. His heart was beating too fast in his chest and the music was pounding in his ears but he had to do this, just to prove that he could and he knew Cassie would never just wander off and leave him. He noticed people were starting to give them funny looks as they passed now and he realised it was because they were getting in everyone’s way. “We’ve paid. One dance and we can go or something, yeah?”

Cassie squeezed his hand and took a deep breath. She should have taken something before she’d come out to calm her nerves, but she was trying not to do that anymore. She worried the illegal drugs she took might react badly with the medication Tony was on and it didn’t seem fair for her to be able to get high if he couldn’t. “One dance, safe.” She agreed, kissing him quickly and leading him into the room.

It wasn’t all that busy they realised once they were inside properly, clearly this was no longer the coolest club in Bristol that didn’t check ID that carefully. It made them both smile in relief as they walked through the small crowd towards the bar. “What do you want?” Tony asked her, fishing awkwardly in his trousers for his wallet as they waited.

Cassie looked nervous, he’d been doing so much better lately but he still had trouble with his fingers and getting small change out of a wallet wasn’t exactly the easiest of tasks.

“I have notes,” he added, as if he could read her. “The physio’ said I should try to challenge myself, but sod that yeah? Don’t want all the cool kids thinking I’m a spaz do I? And I don’t know about you but I really want a drink right now.”

“You’re not a spaz,” she told him, looking upset, “your hands just don’t work all that well,” she paused and moved closer to him. “Although going on last night they’re getting better,” she whispered into his ear.

Tony swallowed hard and turned his head to kiss him deeply. When he pulled away he saw them on the dance floor; Sid and Michelle grinding away together in time with the music. He stared at them for a few moments, only pulling his gaze away when he realised it was his turn at the bar. As he ordered them both a double vodka and coke he realised he didn’t really feel anything, his relationship with Michelle felt more like a film he’d watched than something he’d actually been involved in. Handing her the drink he saw that Cassie had seen them too, now joined by Chris and Jal. She looked a little upset, so he put his arm around her. It was funny, he never quite knew who was protecting who anymore. “He’s an idiot,” he told her, pulling her away from the bar as he looked around for somewhere to sit. It hadn’t been that long since he’d last been here, but that was almost literally a whole lifetime ago in some ways. The club only seemed vaguely familiar to him, like much of his life now.

Beaming, that blinding smile of hers, Cassie twirled in his embrace and flung her arms around her neck. “Oh yeah, totally. I mean Michelle’s okay and everything, but well this is better yeah?”

Tony smiled a smile that made his eyes twinkle, as he looked at her. “The best,” he agreed, “and if Chris and Jal would rather hang around them than us, fuck ‘um right?”

She was silent as she considered this. Cassie wasn’t really a ‘fuck them’ type of person. She believed in always seeing the good side in people and giving them as many chances as they needed, but it seemed like something Tony needed to hear so she nodded in agreement. “Maxxie said he’d be along later though, which is nice,” she said as she led him back out of the room and down a dimly lit corridor towards another. “He was always my favourite anyway. He said I was beautiful once, you know? Me, beautiful. Can you believe it?”

Tony stopped following her and turned her around to look at him. “What are you talking about Cas? You are beautiful and I must’ve been an even bigger prick before the accident than everyone says if I never realised it before. Michelle, she’s…fake and made-up, she’s like a million other girls. You Cas, you’re something special, you’re a one off.”

She looked down at her feet, blushing. She had no idea what to say to that, it made her feel dizzy just thinking about it. “I…wow Tony, that’s like the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

“Yeah well it’s true,” he said, slowly walking her backwards, in a sudden rush of confidence, until she was pressed up against the wall. “You’re fucking amazing Cas, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”
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